Mustafapasa: A Village in Turkey's Central Cappadocia Region

Mustafapasa: A Village in Turkey’s Central Cappadocia Region

As many other small villages in Turkey, Mustafapasa, in Turkey ‘s central Cappadocia region, is steeped in Greek Orthodox history , particularly the Ottoman years before the early 20th century Turkish War of Independence, when Turks and Greeks lived side Read More

Luxurious Ottoman Palaces, Uncommon and Strange Hotels of Turkey

Luxurious Ottoman Palaces, Uncommon and Strange Hotels of Turkey

Ottoman Palaces: Our top priority when making travel plans after arriving at our chosen destination is always the hotel. Some people want only cleanliness while others are searching for advantages and amenities. We can only select All Inclusive, B&B or Read More

Goreme Restaurants & Nightlife: Cappadocia Tourism Hub

Goreme Restaurants & Nightlife: Cappadocia Tourism Hub

On my first visit to Cappadocia in Goreme, Turkey in November 2009, I was like a hot rash all over it. The summer had been officially over yet it was still thriving with backpackers arriving on the overnight bus from Read More

The Cappadocia's Goreme Open Air Museum after 5 Years

The Cappadocia’s Goreme Open Air Museum after 5 Years

In 2010 I first visited Cappadocia’s Goreme Open Air Museum and my writing-up was neither kind nor full of praise. I have accused the guide of incorrect information and my exact words to describe the UNESCO World Heritage site have Read More

5 Reasons to Visit Cappadocia

I like to think of Cappadocia as my second home. Even though I get a buzz from going to new places, I adore the familiarity of the region and I’m not the only one because there are many good reasons Read More

Best Hotel in Cappadocia Called Castle Inn; the Beauty of Turkey

Bars of Taksim in Istanbul – Women and Foreigners Nightlife

Bars in Taksim: I am no longer a night-time guy. I like early waking up and going to bed early. Okay, my drinking days are behind me, and truly. Yet while visiting one of the world’s largest cities i.e. Istanbul Read More

Turkey Tours for Nature Lovers

The country of Turkey is known for its beaches and ancient ruins, but I bet you didn’t know about the vastly different types of terrain the country has to offer. Turkey could be a nature lovers paradise if you only Read More

Best Cities In Turkey – Best Turkey Tours

When it comes to the top tourist destinations in the world, Turkey is not topping any lists. But it sure should be. This country is jam packed with amazing things to see and experience. Some of the oldest civilizations in Read More

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